The family that plays together stays together.

Spending time with your family creates bonds that last lifetimes. To be together, families need spaces to gather. That’s where patio covers come into play.

When you add a patio cover to your home, you are actually adding a new gathering place for your family & friends. Whether you are celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays or just spending time with your loved ones on a weekend. Your new patio cover gives you a special place to get together with the people you love.

Your new patio cover will allow you to share quality time with your family while offering a year-round gathering space to celebrate, and share meals together.

A patio cover added to your home will bring you immense returns in family togetherness and home value. When you add a patio cover to your home, it can add to the resale value of your property. In the meantime you can use the patio cover as a place to gather, eat, and celebrate!

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Different levels of air circulation and protection from the weather are provided with open or solid patio covers. An open arbor with lattice roof will allow a lot of ambient light through while creating partial shade, but you can count on little to no protection from the occasional spring shower. Air circulation is maximized with an open lattice roof.

Solid patio covers will maximize the amount of shade and provide the best protection from rain. Our unique combo designs can offer the best of both worlds – offering total protection where you need or want it & open lattice where you desire.

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One of the best ways to create an inviting outdoor living environment is building a patio cover. These structures are typically attached to the home and have two posts supporting the outer portion of the structure. The amount of shade and protection from the weather desired will help determine what type of roof fits best for you. The roof can be open air with a trellis or a solid roof.

Where should you build your patio cover?
While the answer to this question seems obvious, there are shade and functional considerations that need to be taken into account. Most patios are typically off the back door but that location may not provide an adequate shaded area. Covered patios are ideal for outdoor living areas, dining areas, built in fireplaces or outdoor kitchens. It is best to consult with a design professional to determine where the maximum amount of shade and functionality can be achieved in your backyard with your new patio cover.

One other major factor in location of any new structure is city building codes and Home Owners Associations (HOA) restrictions. All cities have certain guidelines pertaining to where an attached or detached structure can be built. In addition to the City requirements, HOAs will have a set of guidelines pertaining to design, finish material and height restrictions among other things. Once again, it is best to consult a design professional that is familiar with your city’s requirements and HOA guidelines.

How big should your patio cover be?
The old adage “Form follows function” fits perfectly when we try to answer this question. The size of your new structure will vary depending on the space it is intending to cover. Careful consideration must be made for furniture size to ensure there is adequate circulation around any columns or posts. Furthermore, you will need to make sure you get the desired amount of shade from you new patio cover.

In addition to length and width, height of the new patio cover will also need to be considered. A typical arbor or covered patio can vary from eight to eleven feet tall. One of the pros of a shorter patio cover is you will be able to maximize the amount of shade. One drawback of these type of structures is it may start to feel cramped. The higher covered patio will feel more open but you will lose some of the shade coverage.

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When you add a new patio cover to your home, you are making a statement about yourself and your place in the community.

Your handsome, sturdy new patio cover tells your neighbors that you take pride in your home and that you want to improve both the way it looks and the way it serves your family.

A patio cover is more than just a covering for your backyard. It’s a place where friends and family can visit, dine, play, and relax.

Look around your neighborhood. You probably will notice that not everybody has a patio cover attached to their houses. Only some people have built the additional space that sets their home apart from the rest.

Patio covers provide distinction from the cookie cutter norm. They are an add-on that gives both space and status to your home. They allow your family to spend more time outside while providing safety and security from the elements. And they offer the ideal location for hosting family, friends, and neighbors to show off your home and your life.

Adding a patio cover provides your family with the added space they need to live in comfort and style.

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Extend your vacation time by not using your hard earned vacation days to fly and or travel to a destination. With proper planing, you can have a place to get away from it all.

Build a shade structure over your outdoor kitchen island, over an outdoor dinning area, or off your back patio. The shade will allow you and your guests to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors without the worry of the sun or rain.

Covering an area outside will allow for more time playing, eating, and relaxing with your family and friends.

Consider breaking up the hardscape area with plants.  Use rugs, furniture, accessories to add some pizzazz. Add a water feature or a fire pit to help create your vary own tranquil oasis.